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Every year Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity needs to raise 50 million through charitable donations. Great Ormond Street Hospital treats thousands of children who are often suffering from the rarest, most complex and often life threatening conditions. Your support can make a huge difference to these children's lives and help the hospital during a vital period of redevelopment, as we try to rebuild two-thirds of our clinical buildings.

There are over 150,000 patient visits at Great Ormond Street Hospital every year. Sweets for Life aims to raise at least 60,000 per year for the hospital through the sale of sweets. Sweets for Life have raised over 2 million thanks to the wonderful support of all our customers.

How Sweets for Life Support Has Helped:

Tissue Processor (Cost: 28,500)
The Tissue Processor, a new piece of equipment for the Hospital. The equipment is used everyday and approximately 350 patients benefit from the equipment each month.

M4 Patient Monitor (Cost: 5,790)
A wireless, portable patient monitor which is designed to be used immediately when a patient needs monitoring and can be used at the bed site.

Patients waiting area (95,710)
Provided funding for a Patients Waiting Area in the new Orthopaedics Department.

Childs Bedroom (120,000)
Funding for a child's bedroom which has been built and fully equipped in Sky Ward of the new Octav Botnar wing.

Imaging Suite (250,000)
Funding the building of a suite of rooms in the new revolutionary Imaging Centre, designed to diagnose the most complex childhood illnesses.

What's Next?

Money raised by Sweets for Life Ltd is currently helping to fund a new surgery centre at Great Ormond Street Hospital. The new centre will bring all of their expertise in anaesthesia, surgery, recovery and high dependency nursing together into one place, allowing them to continue to put the child first and always. It will be a centre of excellence where some of the most renowned paediatric surgeons will be operating on patients ranging from new born babies in need of life saving surgery to children requiring multiple procedures throughout their childhood as they develop.

Once again, on behalf of all the patients, parents and staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital, thank you for your generous support. It is much appreciated, greatly valued, and makes a very real difference, enabling the hospital to build on its success and stay at the forefront of paediatric medicine.

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